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Invasive Aquatic Plants Bureau of Land and Water Quality, Maine DEP site on milfoil and other aquatic species.
Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Progra1m
The Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program is one of the largest and oldest citizen-based lake monitoring programs in the country.Their Mission is to provide protection for the nearly 6,000 lakes in Maine through the acquisition of scientific data and to raise public awareness about the extraordinary ecological, aesthetic and economic value provided by our lakes. Note: This site includes data specific to Ward Pond in their 1999 report.
Maine Department of Environmental Protection The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is responsible for environmental protection and regulation in the state of Maine.
Maine Dept of Conservation – Maine Natural Areas Program Management of Invasive Non-native Plants in Maine
Natural Resources Information and Mapping Center
2002 Maine Milfoil Summit Report THIRD ANNUAL MAINE MILFOIL SUMMIT, February 28, 2002
Courtesy NorwayLake.com
Public Educational Access to Environmental Information in Maine
PEARL is designed to improve access to information on over 5700 Maine lakes. It is a cooperative effort initiated, coordinated, and maintained at the University of Maine by the Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Environmental and Watershed Research (GMC) and the UMaine Department of Spatial Information Science and Engineering
Maine Congress of Lake Associations The purpose of Maine COLA is to promote the protection and enhancement of the water quality of Maine’s lakes and ponds and to preserve their ecological, economic, recreational, and aesthetic value. Maine COLA works with and through its chapters, affiliates, members, and other interested parties.
Maine Lakes Conservancy Institute The Maine Lakes Conservancy Institute (MLCI) was founded in 1999 to address the environmental and economic needs of Maine’s lake-based communities through education. We are committed to understanding, sustaining, and preserving the value of our lakes and the communities dependent upon them. We believe our programs increase the level of stewardship shown towards our lakes. By taking young people out on the water to investigate our lakes and engaging them in activities that raise their awareness, increase their appreciation, and broaden their understanding of how Maine lakes work, our lakes will be better off.
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